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How We Work

At Ramsier Financial Services, we desire long term relationships with all of our clients.
These relationships are built from day one - with a goal of openness and understanding of what you need and what we can offer.

The Golden Rule:  Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them.  Matthew 7:12a

New clients or existing clients – those seeking advice on a new service, we follow a four-step process that is easy to follow.

No Obligation Visit to our Office:

You will meet with either Tim, Brent, Doug, Dan or Caleb.

  • We will discuss
    • Your financial needs
    • How you prefer to conduct business
    • Answer any questions about our services, fees or qualifications.
  • Many clients find it useful to bring the following with them:
    • statements of current assets
    • tax returns
    • retirement plans
  • All these things will help us get a better understanding of you and your finances.
  • You may want to download this form which outlines the information that we will need at our first visit.

Recap Letter: 

  • Based on the information from the first meeting, we often choose to send out a letter to the client which outlines what we understood your goals and objectives to be and outline which services we will provide to address those needs.

Moving Forward:

  • When a client elects to move forward with one of our services, additional information may be collected in order for us to properly analyze the given situation.
  • Once we have given proper thought and consideration to an issue the client is then invited back for either a formal presentation or recommendation. Paperwork will need to be filled out and followed through.

Monitoring Throughout the Year:

  • Depending on your investments, you may be contacted once a year or semi-annually for a review.
  • Investment Management client portfolios are monitored for rebalancing on a semi-annual basis and clients are encouraged to attend semi-annual client reviews. Our goal is to stay closely in touch with your expectations.

Retirement Analysis:

When a Retirement Analysis is completed, we assist clients in understanding the "When's" and "How's" of picking a retirement date.  During this process a client pays a set, predetermined and communicated fee, not a commission if products are sold.

Meeting with an advisor should not be intimidating nor should any compensation arrangements be shrouded in secrecy. At Ramsier Financial, we take a client-centered approach that uses both fee-based and commission-based platforms depending on the need and desire of client.