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IRA Rollovers & Consolidation of Investment Assets

  • When retiring or leaving your company - what do you do with your retirement plan?  Do you need monthly income from this plan?  Are your beneficiaries set up correctly?
  • Much of our business revolves around company retirement plans and assisting former employees with rolling their assets from a 401(k) to an IRA.  Some clients want their IRA invested some want to have a monthly check sent directly to their bank account.  We specialize in rollovers and all that comes with it - establishing an IRA, investing the proceeds, taking Required Minimum Distributions, proper naming of beneficiaries etc.
  • Need a streamlined plan for those scattered assets? Consolidating assets not only can eliminate some needless fees but allows a client to more clearly see the direction of their overall portfolio. One advisor who can clearly see all assets is much better than two or three who only see part of the picture.