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Life-Changing Financial Services and Solutions

Life is complex and often messy. Financial challenges and opportunities are no different. We offer a wide range of planning services in order to provide you with what we believe to be life-changing advice and wealth management solutions. We take a methodical, thorough approach to everything we do in order to prepare you for life's messy events and to help you make sound financial decisions. In every relationship, our aim is to provide advice and solutions that help you live the life you want. 

Financial Planning & Analysis

Here at RFS, our hard working financial planners will help you sort through life's financial complexities and develop a truly customized and holistic plan that suits your needs and circumstances. With our fee-only approach to Financial Analysis, you can sit down with one of our reps to fully examine your current assets, taxes, retirement plans, Social Security, pensions, life insurance, etc. Our Financial Analysis services do not require us to manage your assets. Our compensation is a predetermined amount, established in advance. Under these services, we'll help you address and find best-fit solutions for questions like

  • Are my investments on track for meeting my goals on time?
  • How can I simultaneously work toward my short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals?

What do the numbers say about your current financial state? Access our free Networth Statement Worksheet here!

Investment Planning

The investment advisors at RFS take a holistic approach to investment planning. We take a step back to look at the bigger picture by helping you develop what we call your Investment Policy Statement. This personal statement empowers you to clearly see and understand the allocation of your assets before they are invested, develop a blueprint for how future dollars will be incorporated and how liquidations should occur, and provide greater accountability and reduce the guesswork on your advisor's part. Not only will we help you manage your assets according to your preferences, but we'll also address questions like

  • Are my investments working hard enough?
  • What investment principles and strategies are most appropriate for my situation and goals?

Retirement Planning

Through our fee-based Retirement Planning services, we can help you determine when retirement is feasible, changes that need to be made to make it feasible on your preferred timeline, or how to prioritize your retirement goals to maximize the resources you have. Effective retirement planning involves so many complex factors and variables, but under our Retirement Planning services, we'll help you ask for and find solutions for key retirement questions, such as

  • When can I retire?
  • Could I retire early?
  • Will I have enough money in retirement to last throughout my life expectancy?

Wondering if your retirement savings are on track? Check out our Pre-Retirement Calculator. Assess how well you have prepared so far and what you can do to potentially improve your retirement outlook. 

Income Planning

When you leave or retire from a company where you've invested in a retirement plan or have a pension plan, you'll face many pressing questions. Ramsier Financial's investment advisors specialize in IRA rollovers and helping set up income distributions and tax withholding, but are also well versed in how best to take Social Security and/or pension distributions. For teachers and other public employees do you take a PLOP, DROP or other lump sum option? RFS advisors can answer those questions along with how to set up required minimum distributions and how best to take distributions that help minimize the tax implications of a withdrawal. For scattered assets, we offer investment asset consolidation and streamlined planning, which can eliminate some needless fees and provide a more complete picture of your financial portfolio. We'll help you answer key questions surrounding your retirement or pension plan, including

  • What do I do with my 401(k) when I leave the company or retire?
  • How soon will I need monthly income from this plan?
  • How much can I take and not run out of money over my lifetime?

Life & Long Term Care Insurance Planning

2023Being prepared for life's most unfortunate and unexpected events can go a long way to protecting you, your loved ones, and your financial well-being. RFS is licensed with some of the largest carriers, such as Lincoln, Banner, John Hancock, Prudential, and Mutual of Omaha. So, not only will we help assess your coverage needs, but we'll also help you shop and compare to find the best-fit policies and benefits at the most economical prices. We specialize in long term care insurance and the tax advantages it can provide for individuals and business owners.

Curious about long term healthcare costs in Wayne and surrounding Ohio counties? Download our free Long Term Care Facility Cost Sheet - Wayne Co, Ohio 2023

Want to see some term life insurance quotes for you or your family? Use Ramsier Financials powerful Term Life Quoting Website  to see rates, and request applications from top rated carriers in seconds.  In addition, you can use this calculator to determine what amount of life insurance is appropriate for your financial needs.

Legacy Planning & Charitable Giving

Having an effective estate plan in place is essential to your holistic financial plan. Our financial advisors can work directly with your attorney or one that we recommend to assist you in preparing an estate plan that will help protect your legacy from unnecessary taxes and fees and which ease the financial and administrative burden left on your loved ones. In addition, we're able to implement estate strategies that are needed such as re-registering assets to a trust, adding Transfer on Death designations to avoid probate, transferring shares to Donor Advised Funds. Completing the proper paperwork is critical to the successful execution of these strategies. We're here to help with all your legacy planning and estate conservation issues and questions, such as

  • What are the elements of a sound estate strategy?
  • Are my beneficiaries set up correctly?
  • What is the most tax efficient way to give money to charity?
  • How can I use Donor Advised Funds or Endowments to leave a lasting legacy?

Prepare for Retirement

Our pre-retirement calculator is designed to help you assess how well you have prepared and what you can do to potentially improve your retirement outlook. Use our calculator to help you prepare for the next phase of your life.  

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Our Approach 

Our approach is methodical, thorough, and client-centered. We put all of our resources and the full force of our team to work for you to help you make better decisions and pursue the life you desire. 

Our Approach

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Individually, we are experienced, educated, and skilled, but as a team, we are even more capable. With RFS, you'll have more than 90 years of combined experience working for you. 

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