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More than Your Financial Advisors

Tim Ramsier, our founder and now co-owner, got his start in the financial services industry back in 1983. Just over a decade later, Tim decided he wanted to pursue a better way to serve his clients, so he opened his own independent financial planning firm. Brent Steiner was the first advisor he hired, and they've worked together ever since. Brent, as well as Doug Ingold, now serve as Co-Owners of Ramsier Financial Services alongside Tim. Over the years the team has grown in number and experience, but their collective commitment to methodical, tailored financial planning, and doing the right thing has remained constant. 

For every client, we take a team approach, which bodes well for our clients since our advisors have over 90 years of combined experience in financial services. Together, we stayed focused on doing right by our clients by developing long-term relationships and helping them to make better decisions in pursuit of their goals. We see ourselves as more than financial advisors – we're advisors for life. 

Accurate and Honest Advice for Life

Accurate and Honest Advice for Life

At RFS, we're passionate about providing our clients with honest and accurate advice and then helping them see it through to fruition as they pursue their goals. This is how we serve our clients' best interests and, over time, earn their trust. The advice we provide, however, often extends beyond financial concerns. Our clients come to us for any number of reasons, looking for advice and recommendations for life – because they know us, we know them, and they trust our guidance. 

Investment Planning to Achieve Your Goals

Investment Planning to Achieve Your Goals

Many of our clients who are aged 50 and older have accumulated assets from many different sources, but what their investments strategies often lack at this stage are clarity and direction. We take time to listen carefully to your goals and your investment risk tolerance to help clients invest in a way that should generate the returns they need, while also giving them peace of mind about how they are invested. And if you don’t know what your investment risk tolerance is, we use a software called Riskalyze that will help you understand what your risk tolerance is – please ask us about this as it can be a good conversation starter when considering your investments. Additionally, it provides greater accountability and reduces guesswork for your advisor. Since your values, goals, and objectives are unique to you, having a truly customized investment plan to match is key. 

Our written advisory investment plans have a minimum requirement of $100,000.

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Our core values


We're honored to be invited to be a part of our client's families, and we don't take their trust lightly. This translates to a close-knit and family-oriented culture where clients are truly known.

honest & accurate

We work hard to earn the trust of our clients through our commitment to do the right thing, the accuracy of our work, and the generous advice and education for all their financial concerns.


We work hard to gain a detailed understanding of all that affects your financial picture, even outside of our office, because we believe a holistic, no-stone-unturned approach is key to your success.


Clients can expect a team of hard working people, unafraid of sorting through complex details to put clients on the path to meeting their goals. We relentlessly pursue solutions for our clients.

Affordable, No-surprise fees to fit your budget

Meeting with an advisor should not be intimidating, nor should any compensation arrangements be shrouded in secrecy. At RFS we take a client-centered approach that uses both fee-based and commission-based platforms depending on your needs and preferences. Generally when someone has $100,000 or more to invest, we use an assets under fee arrangement using the schedule below. At other times when completing a financial plan for retirement where we incorporate pensions, Social Security, current assets and investments to help determine when you can retire, these plans are billed on a “per project” or fixed fee for service – whether you invest money with us or not – these fees won't increase as your money grows, which makes a big difference over time. In any case, we'll make sure everything is clear and simple – no surprises. 

Our written advisory investment plans have a minimum requirement of $100,000.

Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Advisors LLC's ADV Part 2A.

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We provide products, services, and the honest and accurate advice you need to make better decisions in pursuit of your financial goals. See what RFS can do for you. 

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Our Approach

Our approach is methodical, thorough, and client-centered. We put all of our resources and the full force of our team to work for you to help you make better decisions and pursue the life you desire. 

Our Approach

Our Team

Individually, we are experienced, educated, and skilled, but as a team, we are even more capable. With RFS, you'll have more than 90 years of combined experience working for you.

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